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Innovation in Coatings is the passion we follow. Start designing your stores, brands and ideas for the interior.



Design your Fassades brands art and ideas for the Exterior.



As a general police we do not list private clients, our work is used by the most famous designers, shipyards and specialist fit-out contracts.


Commision Art

With your design and art we will create Masterpieces with our surfaces. Art is not what you see but what you make others see.
-Edgar Degas-


innocoating art collaboration

  • Artist Peter Donders sure has been making waves in recent years. Soon after he launched his peterdonders.com website, pictures of his "morphs seating line" started spreading around the web. It was but a small, yet already a pretty steady stream of spectators, until he released his Carbon Fibre creations which went within hours with global fascination right from the start.

  • Artist Matthijs Wateler's iconic wall pieces mix innovative materials and traditional craft techniques. Restting the brain by looking again, daring to explore and contemplate on the subject. Universal shapes come together in exceptional refinement and airiness. A serene and powerful expression fills the room. This reflected in all his pieces.

  • Artist Monique Lipsch: "Less is more' . Fascinated by shapes, she attempts to give new dimensions to these shapes, with dynamics that you can almost feel.